Tobacco products (HeatStick) are intended for IQOS gas burners only. The sale is of 1 box (10 packs of 200 cigarettes). A real, medium-strength cigar. We are constantly developing the latest IQOS models and Heets products available around the world for the best variety. We currently have eight different flavors of PM Marlboro Heets. Heets Silver Label Exclusive is Poisonous and twisted poison A limited blend of rich rich smoke and a light walnut notes. Heets Amber has a rich flavor of a combination of tobacco and nuts. 3 of 4 drops.3

AROMA Silver Label Heet is CONNECTED & RICH. Heets Silver Label Exclusive is Deep and Rich A nice blend of smoke with velvety flavor and a hint of hot malt notes that taste great and full.Bronze has a tobacco flavor and a combination of cocoa and dried fruits. 4 of 4 Hardness AROMA VOLUPTUOUS & Round Yellow Silver Label Heet is Smooth. The black smoke mixture with a touch of vivid citrus notes. a taste similar to that of Marlboro in Parliament. Heets Yellow has an airy smoky flavor 3 of 4 free throws.

AROMA Silver Label Heet is MellOW & Bright Turquoise Silver Label Heet is Fresh and expressive The combination of smoky smoke and mint flavors give it a sense of freshness. A mild menthol type for PM. The Turquoise Heets have a zesty scent of toast made with menthol. Silver Label Heet is Solid smoke blend with rich texture and wood feel. Our favorite flavor feels strong and rich in flavor. Third 3 of 4. AROMA: ROBUST & Round Siena Heets, Silver Label Heet is The elegant and tasteful Siena Heets offer a balanced, well-balanced flavor infused with nuances of notes and small notes of small tea.

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    Leon (verified owner)

    I got it guys!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome I really appreciate the service.. This is truly what I expect from you… This is the standard of service …keep what you got.

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    Michael (verified owner)

    Thanks for being awesome!

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    Shammy (verified owner)

    just received my order thanks.

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    A***a (verified owner)

    Just letting you know I received my package today, thanks so much. and the handwritten note was a great touch of customer service. I will definitely recommend your store to others and will use again when needed.

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