As a traditional cigarette, each time lasts about 6 minutes equal to about 14 bites per cigarette lick. This Heets TURQUOISE Label box features 20 cigarette sticks. Each Heets stick contains 0.5mg of nicotine and other flavor options are available. Use only according to the instructions given and make sure the product is not available to children. A refreshing menthol product with subtle zvery notes. Tobacco products are designed for use with the IQOS system and are with selected tobacco products. Each ball contains 10 packets of Heets Turquoise Label. Each pack contains 20 sticks of tobacco. IQOS uses the ever-changing technology of smoking cigarettes without burning it. Giving you the true taste of cigarettes with no smoke.

This is ideal for health-conscious smokers who do not wish to vote who would like a new, more intimate smoking experience in the market. This new burn does not burn technology that burns mini-sticks of tobacco (called Heets) but actually does not burn them – so compared to the standard cigarette burns at 800 degrees, IQOS burns cigarettes to 350 degrees and instead produce the smoke of the scent. rather than smoking. This results in a 90% -95% reduction in the toxic levels and toxicity of IQOS cigarette vapors compared to secondhand smoke.

In addition, IQOS has no ash, no smoking, and very low odor. And because it is not its LIT cigarette, it also prevents smoking and can be used indoors (where allowed). So moving to IQOS is a much better choice than smoking. IQOS is the result of more than $ 3bn of investment and a decade of research into a variety of potential tobacco-related harms performed by more than 430 scientists and professionals at our R&D centers in Switzerland. More than 2.9 million users worldwide have switched to IQOS.


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Heets Turquoise Label Heets For IQOS Turquoise Label

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