Nothing trumps having a seamless smoking experience, especially when you can feel the true taste of tobacco and not have to deal with the ash that comes with smoking. While you may not think this possible, we have a surprise for you. The IQOS 3Multi Warm White is designed to fulfill your smoking fantasies. With this fascinating heat technology, you can enjoy up to 10 consecutive tobacco experiences easily without worrying about the issues that come with regular cigarettes.

The IQOS 3 Multi in an all in one pocket-size design, enabling at least 10 consecutive sessions without recharging. The IQOS 3 Multi has enhanced daylight LED illumination (for visibility in all conditions) and vibration alerts for extra convenience.

Speaking of fascinating, this heat tech heats your HEET stick or tobacco at a degree that ensures you draw out the true taste of tobacco and get that soothing relief you’ve envisioned. Moreover, it comes in a complete package – a portable charge, holder, and cleaning IQOS accessories. What more can you ask for? Truly this IQOS 3Multi Warm White device is designed to match your smoking style and fantasies.

With this, you don’t have to carry a lighter as the IQOS heat tech is a much safe and cooler alternative. Plus, it is colorfully designed to easily blend with your style.

  • Brand: Heets, IQOS
  • Color: White
  • Category: IQOS

5 reviews for IQOS 3 Multi – Warm White

  1. Tabor Joly (verified owner)

    Your service had been amazing and I would recommend!

  2. Beatrice (verified owner)

    Best device! Shipping fast. Everything is perfect)

  3. K****n (verified owner)

    Perfect customer service and products. I will definitely buy again.

  4. Rustem (verified owner)

    Just received my order… I know I haven’t said so in the past when I’ve ordered, but thanks for being so awesome.

  5. Amber (verified owner)

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow thank you so much ; ) Thank you – great attitude to customer!!! Wish good luck with your online store!!!! .. and make sure I’ll make next order soon ; )

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IQOS 3Multi Warm White IQOS 3 Multi – Warm White

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