Oops! Did you forgot to hold your pocket charger, and you are several miles away from home? Of course, a full charge can’t suffice on a long trip. You do not have to worry about such mishaps again. This car charger gives you every power you need, and its built ensures a perfect fit into your car plug. Save yourself some trouble by having a handy car charger for your IQOS. This device comes with a Type-A port that allows easy and a firm connection with the charging cable.

  • Colour: black
  • Category: Accessories
  • Brand: Car charger

3 reviews for IQOS ORIGINAL Car Charger

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    Christopher (verified owner)

    Thank you again, and definitely I have you guys in my top list for future needs.

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    A****n (verified owner)

    Cool, comfortable and very practical. Simple to use. Recommend.

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    Brooke (verified owner)

    You all are great. Best Heets shop I’ve ever been. Thanks a lot girls and boys!

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